"Frightening isn't it'' 


''You want the Truth? You sure you can handle the Truth''

Well you are definitely not alone or should I say we? this is what the world has come too, computers, xbox, playstation, ipods, Nintendo, mobile phones list goes on and on, point is they can all hook to the internet with billions of other people, and those people we don’t know! but we do know some of them are sick, crazy, dangerous, mentally ill, perverted, liars and cheats
So! this is what we are going to talk about, are our children safe? who are they talking to? on this technology! what are they looking at? there not supposed to See! and do remember this goes for your spouse husband wife partner employee as well, that is why we are here right! Suspicion, concern, worry, fear, that strange behaviour our loved ones are displaying or hiding! that constant sick feeling in the Pitt of our stomach telling us something just isn’t right!.
Its hard to know were to start discussing deep subjects like these! as all of them unanswered questions are so close to our hearts that just the thought of finding out the TRUTH! makes us nausea, makes me feel ill writing it, feeling it, knowing how you feel and so many others feel, why? why' do we have to even worry about these things, we shouldn’t, but we do! and we will keep worrying until we fix it! do something about it, put that suspicion, concern, fear, to rest by finding out the TRUTH!.
Is our husband, wife, partner, cheating and lieng every day? are the kids safe? on the laptop or desktop or mobile phone etc. what are they doing in that bedroom? who are they talking to? what are they looking at? who are they seeing sneaking around with? trust and love I can tell you from my experience! that some people' just don’t really understand, know, what that really means, So let me' tell you what happen to me! in my relationship  and this was with my very first love.
The mother of my now 21 year old son! whom I haven’t seen since he was 8 years old and cannot find. ''I loved her'' I am starting to cry typing this, But its been so long! yet that love' that hurt, it always seems pushed so deep away inside you until you discover a moment like this, its sitting right at the surface of our very being and we pretend it is not! I guess we have too or we will be crying forever .
You know I am a strong man been through a lot in my life, been to hell and back! died and came back! ( that is true ) but that’s another story, but it has to do with this one actually, as she was right there when it happened and we were discussing my sons welfare and the visiting rights I fought to get through the courts! because I love my children I am there father they should be given that right to know that, but children don’t get those choices when there stolen from us.
you know you wouldn’t pick me for a guy sitting behind this computer pouring his soul out! his life! like this something I have never done, never do! so why? why am I ? what reason? why am I  here? I am here to tell you that even a guy like me can be fooled, can be tricked, lied too, emotionally crippled, sucked dry, and drained of what I know is pure love, pure decency, pure trust, when 2 people become 1 that is love.
What a fool I was, how wrong I was, how blind in love I was, and she new it' boy did she know it, played me like a violin for 10 years and the entire time I believed'' I really deeply trusted she loved me equaly'' with the same pure love I had for her, and that is exactly what she embedded into me to believe and I took it hook line and sinker' look you have got to understand! we are dealing with a different type of people here, these are people who look you right in the eyes every single day and night and say "I love you ".
Who is this person beside me? in my bed I make love to, with all my love, and love I give to her, for her! because I love her! this person who takes that from me, and cries afterward holding me tight saying I am her world, I am her everything, and has our child!
 "I will tell you! ''what'' I think this person is!"
This person is a monster,  deceitful,  bare faced liar, I am not going to sit here and rubbish that person I loved with pure unconditional love and trusted with all my soul, that would make me know better then what  ever it is she is ,but to have this person in my bed, in my life, in my being, for 10 years only to discover that not only was she sleeping with my friends, but also with her very own girlfriends, and my friends girlfriends, practically had a orgy going on behind my back! on a regular basis ( yuck ) this person, this thing, would kiss my lips when it got home (yuck).
So you tell me? who are these ''entities''  that look u in the face, in the eyes, that u love and with the lips u cherished ( that have just been god knows were yuck ) and gently whisper the words "I love you baby" while vomiting on your very soul.
Well there is no answer for that question! but there is answers for any questions or suspicions you have, and I have, its right here in this technology we all have access too, its in these software programmes these guys and girls make, like the old saying goes, live by the sword! die by the sword!, the people lieing to us, cheating on us, all use it! to do there dirty work spin there webs of lies, so to then we shall use it, and we will catch them! stick them to there own webs and devour them, and kick em to the kerb! were they belong, don’t let the door hit you on the Ass on your way out ( loser )amen.
I can tell you I have used several of these TRUTH seeking programmes! and I set them up for my brother and they really work! and I enjoyed using them, so I believe I have  done my homework on them, and I believe this (1) Is number (1), now lets not forget! this isn’t only about catching a cheating spouse or employee, this software is also for monitoring our children! keeping them safe, from the predators, and the filth, that is found on the internet and in our neighbourhoods, and in a lot of cases within our own families!, most people don’t even think of those family numbers, and phone calls being made to, and from, close family members, so what are they really talking about? Well find out! you would be very surprised what information you get, you could start knowing right after you install the software, You keep hearing that phone beeping right! those text messages coming in! the soft talking! The whispering! the giggles! the secrecy! well I say to Hell with the secrecy,  ( ''Mate!'' Get This Up Ya!! ) taste of your own medicine!  .                                                ("Dog eat Dog" )
I have helped you understand! And answered those questions! and raised a few, you never even thought of! you know! I believe only us ( me and you ) the good people! come to look for this software as the sneaky snakes in the grass we are surrounded by do everything right under our noses! because they think! we are stupid'' and take advantage of our love and human decency, and would never contemplate or expect us to be smart enough to find them out, that is how little they think of us , that is! that person beside you in your bed, that person who kisses your lips or that family member you least suspected, 

Be Smart, Be Safe be bloody well Wise! Do Not! be prey to predators, Do Not! be any ones door mat, Do Not! let anyone harm our children, catch them! and shut the animals down!  "You! We! " are worth more then they would ever comprehend, scum don't  deserve us, they deserve the sewer! they crawled out of, so Do Not! feel anything other then a huge Relief! you made the decision to install this software, and if nobodies got nothing to hide, then nobodies got nothing to worry about Have They!!!!!! ok'' I love you all' God Bless, hope we can talk through posts and emails if you wish to communicate further with me, I am very interested in what you have to Say! And I Bet it beats the hell out of sitting in chat room's listening to more lies and absolute morons!!!!! cheers xxx

Phone trackers?

Phone trackers are tracing service where clients can log on to a hidden site with their password and track the target's mobile phone directly online
technology which is rightly used in terms of tracking children or older people,cheating partners,employees,

How do they work?

After installing the software, "mobile phone monitoring secretly records events that happen on the phone and delivers this information to a web account, where you can view these reports from any internet-enabled computer or mobile phone.
"Mobile phone monitoring also allows you to listen to the surroundings of the target mobile, listen to the phone conversation and to know the actual location of the mobile phone."
if clients have a mobile phone equipped with GPS, they can receive the GPS co-ordinates and view the target phone's actual location via Google Maps

Who is using them?

Many thousands of people have signed up to mobile phone tracking services, and many more everyday, parents tracking the welfare of there children and there elderly mothers and fathers, bosses monitoring employees, spouses, husbands and wives,teenagers monitoring each other and there parents, brothers, sisters, no bigger secrets then what goes on within ones own family !
"One would suggest that if you have suspicions about your partner, children, employees, older people,mobile phone tracking services like this might be the first place to go."

Phone trackers reviews and tips:
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